Create profitable Linkedin Ads,
without wasting your budget.

If you have considered or are running Linkedin Ads, 
you have probably discovered one simple truth. They are incredibly expensive.
This is why this expensive paid channel is so difficult to nail.
On the other hand, you know your target audience is spending time on this channel.
In this course, you’ll learn exactly which pitfalls to avoid, where the high-value opportunities lie, and how to strategically target your most valuable prospects.
This way, you don't need to blow your entire budget on the costly mistakes I made.

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Linkedin Ads Masterclass


You are working for a company with a low customer lifetime value (Less than 10K)

Magic bullet

You are looking for a quick win approach or magic trick to save your shitty LinkedIn Ads.

Unclear persona

You don't have a clear idea who your target audience is or they aren't spending time on LinkedIn. You'll need to able to define your persona.

Strategic Linkedin Ads Insights

Discover the strategic frameworks to better understand how LinkedIn Ads fits within your current marketing strategy. If it makes sense at all.

Step 1

Platform Deep Dive

Discover every single aspect and limitation you need to know about the platform in order to craft your own strategy.

Step 2

Competitor Research

Why create mistakes on your own if you have your competitors to draw insights from?

Step 3

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"Gathering Leads on LinkedIn is impossible"

Misconception 2

If I would have a dollar each time I have heard this sentence, well, I wouldn't be selling this course.
LinkedIn ads are not just for sending traffic to blog posts and selling them as 'branding campaigns'. If you are spending money, you are supposed to bring back more money.

It's that simple.

"Gathering Leads are expensive"

Misconception 3

LinkedIn ads are just like the economic stock market. The more people target the same interests, the higher your cost. 

The trick is to figure out creative ways to target the same audience, without paying the premium prices.

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Do you still believe in either of
3 Linkedin Ads miscon

"Linkedin Clicks are Expensive"

Misconception 1

Yes, Linkedin Ads are expensive when set up the wrong way.  

The highest cost per click I saw? 

97,23€. That doesn't have to be the case for you.

A 5 Step Course

Your Personal Roadmap
tackle those misconceptions

Creating your first campaigns

What's the point of theory if you can't turn in into practice? This is where we execute your first campaigns together.

Step 4

Optimizing and Analyzing results

You have your campaigns running, but how do you make sure we optimize the right metrics for success? This is what we'll cover in the module.

Step 5

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How you'll learn to create
profitable LinkedIn Ads

Understand the 3 key aspects you need to nail before launching every single social campaign.

Understand how to craft the right audience to lower your cost per lead.

Recreate and learn from the funnels of your competitors without making costly mistakes.

Get a deeper understanding which ad formats you need to create to achieve results.

Learn how to run an advanced scraping technique to find the hidden interests of your target audience.

Discover how to bid and analyze your campaigns to avoid costly clicks.

The 3 Sided LinkedIn Pillar

Learn how LinkedIn Ads fits within your overall B2B strategy and deep-dive into the 3 parts on how to grow your company. on LinkedIn.

Step 1

Social VS Search

To master LinkedIn you need to understand the mindset your prospects are in. Here is the difference.

Step 2

The Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Ads

Understand the limitations and the advantages of the platform in order to craft your own strategy.

Step 3

Chapter 1: Strategic LinkedIn Insights


Required criteria

What are the things you need in place before starting LinkedIn ads?

Step 4

OMA Strategy

Understand the 3 bigger pieces you need in order to acquire LinkedIn Leads at scale without wasting budget.

Step 5


What is a good CPC, CTR or Cost per Lead? Benchmark your current strategy.

Step 6

Targeting Possibilities

Before you can set up a strategy, you need to understand what you are able to target. Discover every single targeting possibility out there.

Step 1

Format Overviews

Discover in-depth knowledge about every single ad format LinkedIn offers for you to craft your strategy.

Step 2

Advance Bidding

Learn which bidding strategies to start with based on your campaign goals.

Step 3

Chapter 2: Platform Deep Dive

Matched Audiences

What are the limitations and hacks around working with matched audiences?

Step 4

Targeting Limitations

Understand what are the limitations you'll face when thinking about your LinkedIn Ads strategy.

Step 5

Creating Conversions

Understand advanced ways on how to track conversions within the ads platform.

Step 6

Retargeting Hack

Run your first retargeting hack to lower your Cost Per Lead in 15 minutes.

Step 1

Advanced targeting strategies

Learn how to use advanced ways to target the exact same audience without spending your entire budget.

Step 2

Advanced Bidding

Learn which bidding strategies to start with based on your campaign goals.

Step 3

Chapter 4: Ads Creation

Ads Testing

Learn how to properly A/B test and discover which aspects of your ads you should test first.

Step 4

Connecting Lead Forms with CRM's

Send your leads right into your CRM system to avoid manual work (and for you to go sip pina coladas)

Step 5

Tools, Tools, Tools

Discover which tools you need to run your digital competitor research.

Step 6

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the largest advertising conference

Your personal journey to

learn at your own pace

Linkedin Ads Key Metrics Sheet

Templates to scale 

your efficiency


Ads validation Copy Sheet

Headline Generator Sheet

And many more...

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Before you start.
These are
3 reasons why this course is probably not for you...

Don't take my word for it.

Just my screenshots or videos.

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Hi there, I am Ricardo Ghekiere

About Your Trainer

I help and train ambitious founders and marketing teams like yours to grow their business with rapid growth marketing experimentation. My approach is hands-on, business-minded, and always with a good laugh.  

Having worked with more than 100+ different companies on LinkedIn Ads, I have made a bunch of mistakes.

Mistakes I want to make sure you avoid when running your next campaigns.

About Me

The Linkedin Ads Masterclass


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Audience Network

Expanding your reach through the audience network. Here are some best practises.

Step 3

Understanding your growth model

When it comes to growing a company in a digital way, it's important you understand the 4 models that influence your choices of ads.

Step 1

Competitor Selection

Figure out which competitors your should draw inspiration (you'll be surprised it won't be your direct competitors).

Step 2

Advanced Bidding

Learn which bidding strategies to start with based on your campaign goals.

Step 3

Chapter 3: Competitor Research

Facebook Ads Research

Learn how they run their facebook ads in order to discover how to better run your LinkedIn Ads.

Step 4

Review Research

Discover why people love and hate your competitors to write better copy and angles.

Step 5

Tools, Tools, Tools

Discover which tools you need to run your digital competitor research.

Step 6

Linkedin Ads Research

Discover insights about how your competitors are running their ads.

Step 3

Naming Conventions

Create and optimize your campaigns faster by structuring them in the right way.

Step 1

Optimizing Logic

How many ads you should create in a campaign? What are good metrics to optimize for?

Step 2

UTM Builder

Use this advanced UTM Builder template to quickly analyze your ads.

Step 3

Chapter 5: Optimizing and Analyzing

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